Company vision


Global acrylic industry leader

Company mission


Based on market demand and technology leadership, we will continue to innovate, create value for customers, create a platform for employees, create returns for shareholders and create benefits for the society.

Sense of worth

  • Adhere to the management tenet of "technology and market change oriented, quality first for survival, reputation first for development, service first for market".
  • Our sincere cooperation with our customers is full process, all-round and lasting, and we can establish a win-win cooperation relationship.
  • Always pay attention to customer needs, provide high-quality acrylic products, and always give full service and support.
  • The company always adheres to the spirit of being responsible for customers, employees and partners to build a famous brand in acrylic products industry.
  • Exciting activities

    • 2017年會
    • 2017年會
    • 2018年會
    • 2019開年領導致詞
    • 大嶺山戶外活動
    • 佛山戶外活動
    • 生日會
    • 員工生日會合照
    • 東莞網商會來我司參考
    • 一年一度消防演習
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