Acrylic products from a professional perspective

PMMA has the advantages of light weight, low price and easy forming. Its molding methods include casting, injection molding, machining and acrylic

Thermoforming, etc. Especially for injection molding, it can be mass produced with simple process and low cost. Therefore, it is widely used in instruments, automobile lamps, optical lenses, transparent pipes and so on.

Acrylic is the best new material for making sanitary wares after ceramics. Compared with the traditional ceramic materials, acrylic has the following advantages besides unparalleled high gloss: good toughness, not easy to be damaged, and strong restorative property, so long as you use a soft foam to dip into the toothpaste, you can wipe the new sanitary ware; the texture is soft, and there is no cold chill feeling in winter; the colourful color can satisfy the individuality pursuit of different tastes. Making basins, bathtubs and toilets with acrylic is not only exquisite and durable, but also environmentally friendly. Its radiation line is similar to the radiation level of human body's own bones. Acrylic sanitary ware first appeared in the United States and now accounts for more than 70% of the international market.

Due to the difficulty and high cost of acrylic production, there are many low-cost substitutes in the market. These substitutes, also known as "acrylic", are actually ordinary organic boards or composite boards (also known as sandwich boards). Ordinary organic board is cast with ordinary organic glass cracking material and pigment. Its surface hardness is low and it is easy to fade. The polishing effect is poor after polishing with fine sand. The composite plate has only a very thin layer of acrylic on its surface and ABS plastic in the middle, which is easy to be delaminating due to the influence of heat expansion and cold shrinkage in use. True and false acrylic can be identified from the fine color difference and polishing effect of the plate section

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